Santa Barbara Massage Therapy: Jeff Dutcher, CMT performs deep tissue massage and gentle spa massage for relief from your pain and stress. (
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Testimonials and Reviews
Gladiator Massage of Santa Barbara, CA

"Best Massage in Santa Barbara" and "Best Male Massage in Santa Barbara"

"Simply the best massage I have ever had! I can move my neck again, I will definitely be going back. Highly recommended."

-Natasha M., 42, Montecito

"I was so so so stressed with awful pain in my back from stress and then exacerbated by improper lifting techniques. Jeff was so helpful and my back feels so much better. The evening hours were perfect because I wouldn't be able to get there any earlier. I'm definitely going back in the future."

- Kelsey W., 25, Santa Barbara

"As an endurance athlete, I look for a massage that works the muscles deeply and for muscle release of tension and stress. Jeff has the knowledge and skill to accomplish both. He is the best therapist I have been to. This is why I am a repeat customer. Thank you Jeff!"

- Randy C., 57

"Superior Massage! Jeff is without question the best masseur I've ever been to. He is strong and sensitive and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation. He is also one of the nicest people you'll meet. Just give him a try! You've nothing to lose except unwanted tension and stress."

- Tim M., 50, Carpinteria

"I've been seeing Jeff on a monthly basis for several years and had a knee replacement surgery a month ago. I'd not seen Jeff since then and came in, complaining about back pain. Recuperation from the surgery has been very painful and required use of a cane and Physical Therapy. Jeff spent what seemed like a long time working on me, but taking his time, working out the innumerable kinks and knots in my back, gluts and legs from walking with a limp or with a cane, which had thrown my whole gait off. Only when I was walking out the door, did I notice that he had spent an additional half-hour on me, without any extra charge. I've written extensively in a prior review about how skilled a massage therapist Jeff is, but I can now also say, without a doubt, he puts the client first. I've seen this before in Jeff in smaller ways, but I wanted to write this review to acknowledge his dedication to his clients. I hear the same from friends who see Jeff. I highly recommend Jeff. I cannot imagine your being disappointed. He is a first class professional and one of the most giving individuals I know. Thank you, Jeff."

- Ron A., 65, Santa Barbara

"All my buds said he was great: it was better than that. I was going on a vacation after over a year of unemployment. I got a great job but the stress ... I had also worked out all that time in an effort to manage my stress... What I didn't realize was how tense I was! I wanted to start to relax BEFORE the vacation.... Jeff's technique and talent helped me realize just how and where the stress was hidden. His skills at finding these areas was amazing, and his skills at helping me feel these pockets of knots has been a Godsend. Thanks Jeff!"

- Jon G., 63, Santa Barbara

"Jeff is "hands-down" - pun intended ;) the best massage therapist I've been to, not only in Santa Barbara, but anywhere. I completed massage therapy school myself, and have seen many therapists throughout my life for various reasons including strained muscles from overworking them, and migraine therapy. Jeff's expanded education which includes many techniques and practices, makes his knowledge of the body and what's needed unsurpassed. He also has a great talent/intuition, if you will, for just knowing what technique is needed, and where. His massage studio is comfortable, clean, relaxing and conveniently located. Making an appointment with Gladiator Massage is easy because of the flexibility in his schedule and desire to be accommodating. He offers the choice to visit his studio, or to have him come to your home or office. I've tried other therapists because I'm a sucker for Groupon-type deals, and will never bother again. Jeff's reasonable prices and top quality service make it a waste of time to ever go elsewhere again. He's a true healer.

- Cindy W., 42, Santa Barbara

"I have been seeing Jeff for more than a year and having recently returned after a self imposed hiatus I found myself wondering why I would ever skip the opportunity to have a massage like a Gladiator Massage. Jeff is intuitive about a body and it's needs, completely professional and yet perfectly attentive."

- Marilyn L., 42, Santa Barbara

"I just wanted to say thanks for the BEST massage I've had here in SB. I so needed it and felt good for a couple of days afterwards. Whatever you did to my back, glutes, and legs was amazing...because I have had no pain since. Thanks!"

- Ky S., 46, Santa Barbara

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"SIMPLY THE BEST! I have had four major neck and shoulder surgeries and finally found a massage therapist that could actually help and not just give a nice rub down. Jeff is a truly gifted professional and knows his business. I thought I would go to him once or twice a month, but just booked my fifth week in a row. He has helped that much. I highly, highly recommend him. His studio is easy to find in a great area in Montecito. Make your appointment with him - you will not be sorry!"

- Martin D., 78, Camarillo

"My first appointment with Jeff this past weekend. Before meeting him, I was impressed with his professional website and presence. Booking and slightly revising the appointment was easy due to his responsiveness. The massage was exceptional. I have had massages worldwide, and have a lot of experience with different modalities and approaches. Based on my needs, Jeff really helped me. We discussed my background, immediate body challenges and suggested approach. My 1.5 hour was heavenly, and just the right amount of work for my aching back. (I am a full time sailor now, living on our boat and passing through town to Mexico) We visit SB often and I will return to see Jeff when I can. I know there are hundreds of massage therapists in the SB area; Jeff is one I will refer to my friends. Thank you!"

- Nancy N., 38, Los Altos

"As a former massage therapist, I feel attuned to what makes a great massage. I forgot I was watching for what Jeff was doing and just melted into the massage. Jeff's touch was sensitive, his pressure just right, his unhurried strokes were thorough, so that I got more than I expected in a much needed massage. I will see Jeff when I'm next in town."

- David B., 59, Portland

"My one hour of foot reflexology with Jeff was totally relaxing and the best my feet have felt since I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Jeff is knowledgeable and friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I will definitely be going back!"

- Christine M, 38, Santa Barbara

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"Hands down (no pun) the best massage I have found. Especially for those who like it hard. So much good pain : ). Jeff knows what he is doing and he did not rush from place to place but spent plenty of time doing it right."

- Peter C., 49, Santa Barbara

"I received a fabulous massage last week in Santa Barbara. Jeff went above and beyond, working out knots in muscles all over my body in a gentle, but firm way. He was very responsive to my requests regarding pressure. I will go back to him next time I'm in Santa Barbara."

- Ben F., 54, San Francisco

"The most amazing massage I have ever had."

- Emma M., 26, Santa Barbara

"As a deaf person it is very hard to get a good massage. I explained my areas that I needed more work on and Jeff did not disappoint. He took great care in giving me a great massage and making sure that I felt comfortable throughout the massage. It is so hard to find someone that can go as deep as I need and Jeff did a great job at giving me the pressure that I need in all of my trouble spots. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs a great deep massage, I am sure he is great with a lighter touch as well. I will be going back."

- David D., 38, San Luis Obispo

"I got a Hawaiian massage and it was great. I didn't know anything about it but he told me how it works. I am going to call him again soon and I tell people about him a lot."

- Maria G., 22, Montecito

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"After Jeff's Tui Na treatment last night, I went to sleep and when I woke-up this morning, I didn't have any of my usual aches and pains. I even walked the dog!"

- Eve R., 45, Santa Barbara

"After my 'barefoot compressions' session, my neck and lower back pain were gone, for the first time in years."

- Bernie S., 40, Ventura

"Simply the best massage I have ever had!"

- Paul D., 47, Santa Barbara

"Although I was not convinced of the value of reflexology before I had a session, I was thoroughly convinced after the session was completed. I felt better all over and it lasted for quite awhile. Can't wait for my next appointment!"

- Charlotte O., 63, Santa Barbara

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"I recommend Jeff to all my friends because he really knows what he is doing."

- Josh W., 26, Santa Barbara

"Amazing! By far the most extensive, thorough message I have ever had.
Jeff makes sure that when he is finished you are completely relaxed and stress free."

- Doris H., 64, Santa Barbara

"Jeff has strong hands and I like his massages because I feel like he knows what he is doing and he gives me exactly what I ask for when I want a deep massage if I have sore muscles or just a regular massage to relax so I recommend him to everyone."

- Daniel L., 31, Montecito

"I went to see Jeff on the advice of a friend because my upper back and shoulders get sore from working at my computer all day. Jeff is a very talented massage therapist. He has a wealth of knowledge about anatomy and physiology. His massage was exceptional and he is such a funny and kind man. I left without pain and have become one of Jeff's regular massage clients!"

- David M., 46, Santa Barbara

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"Jeff's massage was better than the ones we received at the Biltmore."

- Steve W., 66, Santa Barbara

"My back pain was gone after my last massage from Jeff, so I scheduled another one in two weeks."

- Nick S., 19, Santa Barbara

"Great! Just wonderful! Fantastic! Really unbelievable!"

- John C., 52, Santa Barbara

"I've had massages all over the world, from New York to Tokyo, and Jeff's massage was one of the most amazing I have received."

- Dexter Y., 27, Santa Barbara

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"I've pushed my body for years, leading an active life attempting to help others. I now realize that I had forgotten how to take care of my own body. Getting a weekly massage by someone as competent, intuitive and perceptive as Jeff has been a real pleasure. Plus he has such a great giggle!"

- Jonathan B., 60, Santa Barbara

"I've tried a lot of others and Jeff is the only one who can get to the root of the problem. This is not a light easy massage, it really fixes problem areas. I recommend him highly. 90 minutes will get you the best results. Plan on feeling much better afterwards!"

- Liz P., 40, Santa Barbara

"Jeff is the absolute best massage therapist I have ever gone to. The muscles in my back had been in terrible shape for quite some time, and in one visit I had no more pain. I would recommend Jeff to anyone. He is GREAT!!!"

- Dylan C,, 26, San Francisco

"I have been to Asia, South pacific, Norway, Spain and most of the Caribbean. I will have to say that Jeff has given the best massage I have ever had. His compassion, attention to detail and ability to penetrate into the deepest regions of the muscles while maintaining a level of sensitivity is amazing. His multiple techniques are reminiscent to the masters of the Orient. I would highly recommend all of his abilities put to the test. Great job."

- David C., 52, Ventura

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